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drapeaufra1La version française sera postée plus tard, merci !
Bienvenue au Carnaval Bijoux du mois Juin ! Un groupe de créateurs se réunit chaque 3e vendredi du mois pour réfléchir individuellement sur un thème commun.

Ce mois-ci la question est "Les Dates Limites - est-ce un mal nécessaire, ou quelque chose que vous avez laissé derrière vous en quitant l'école ?" N'hésitez-pas à voir ce que les autres artistes dans les liens ci-dessous ont à dire ! (à cause du fuseau-horraire j'affiche par fois mes entrées avant les USA, je vous demande de clicker sur leurs bannières si les sujets ne sont pas à jour)

drapeauUs1Welcome to the June Jewelry Blog Carnival ! A group of jewelry designers gets together on the 3rd Friday of every month to individually talk about a specific theme.

This month the question is "Deadlines - How do you feel about them ? Are they a necessary evil or something you left behind behind in school ? ".  Please visit the links above to see what everyone else has to share. (because of the time difference I often post mine before the USA, please click on their blog titles if the date is not current)

Lorrene Davis
Tonya Davidson

Tamra Gentry
Lora Hart
Elaine Luther
Angela Crispin (votre serviteur !)

drapeauUs1Deadlines … Dead Lines … Whoever put those 2 words together probably new exactly what he was doing.
I think I’d prefer « lively curves », but then, maybe that wouldn’t help get the job done …
It is actually one more of those necessary evils, much like time and a clock, although time is relative, if I take Einstein to word, and since I pretty much like the guy, I might as well. I also advise you to read “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks, it has a chapter about time (I love that little fish on the website too).


drapeauUs1My days are filled with so many things to do that those deadlines actually help me get organized and put things in their order of urgency. However, this doesn’t always correspond to their order of importance, which is one of the things that require the flexibility to know the difference. 

I have post-its everywhere (desk, screen, wallet, …) to remind me of all the things I have to do, so I loved seeing this cool video.  I’m so filled with daily deadlines that I still managed to miss a doctor’s appointment yesterday in spite of all those post-its!!! This was both important and should have been a priority … gee! I probably should now get one of these:

drapeauUs1But deadlines are different from appointments. Appointments are a bit more stress-free, maybe, since you don’t have to “finish anything”, but they're still on that daily to-do list !

It’s not always easy to balance a business, creative work, family life (with kids on vacation) and to remember myself on top of it. I’m sure many of you understand what I’m talking about. And I often have the impression that everyone, including me, thinks I could do better:

Balancing rocks ephemeral sculptures by Bill Dan

drapeauUs1But I’ve read a number of “organizational” techniques and tips and haven’t yet found one that works. One that allows for all those deadlines while leaving room for “life” – you know, those good or bad/ happy or sad things that happen without you expecting it or having planned. I also need space for my creative mind to wander, because it’s not something that totally happens by appointment, although I’m starting to get good at that. I can only really truly create BECAUSE my mind wanders, you see? It took me years to realize this. To the outer world it often looks like inactivity or “wasting time”, but what most people don’t know is that my mind is busy building something entirely before I actually make it. But once I sit down to actually materialize it, it pops right out. Much like pregnancy when people who didn’t go through those 9 months say “oh, wow, the baby is ALREADY born???” because they were the only ones who didn’t live those 9 months ;o) and there you have it, 9 months … even that is a deadline! If you’re not out by 9 months someone will get you out, I guarantee it!
So that’s how it works for me. Deadlines can help make me push an idea to come out sooner, and much, much sooner than 9 months ;o)  (well, except for that article … ). But sometimes it blocks it all, especially when life gets in the way unexpectedly and brings us a reality reminder of our priorities.

I think I have to remember Einstein and his theory of relativity more often, and if I could travel in time too that wouldn't hurt. Love his haircut, which looks much like mine when I don't blow-dry ;o)