Baccarat bronze group workBronze- Laetitia et VirginieBronze-AstridBronze-Evelyne




before firing/avant cuisson

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drapeaufra1Voici quelques réalisations des élèves au dernier cours de Pâte de Bronze au Pôle Bijou Baccarat! Le prochain cours aura lieu du 12 au 15 juillet. plus d'informations sur le site du Pôle Bijou.


drapeauUs1 Here are some images of the work done bystudents at the Pôle Bijou Baccarat bronze clay course of April. Next class will be from July 12th-15th. More information through on the Pôle Bijou website.


The City of Baccarat's train station. The Pôle Bijou is situated in the city of Baccarat, home of the famous crystals by the same name. It was created around 2003 to provide jobs in the region around the arts since the city was mainly dependent on the crystal manufacturer for jobs. The Pôle Bijou is a  amazing public funded structure which promotes activities related to jewelry making and contemporary jewelry providing jobs and economic growth in the region with 3 main focal points: workshop space for makers, jewelry making classes with the best in the field and high-end exhibits.